Diets and Food

As a practice we use and recommend Hills diets, though we are able to order in any others if you so require.

We have an offer running, if you buy 5 five bags of dried food the sixth is free.

For several illnesses we willl advise special prescription diets to halp manage the condition.

This is especially important in long-term management of urine infections in cats, pancreatitis and allergy-related problems.

Many old cats are now diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and inflammtory bowel disease. These cats will often need feeding tube placement and, after a spell of intensive care in hospital, are then managed with special diets.

Especially with cats, people will often accept hairballs and chronic vomiting or diarrhoea as a normal function. This is not normal and should not be accepted as such. Often there are underlying issues and they need a correct diet.



METABOLIC DIET for cats and dogs- see the weight drop off!

Please call to arrange aweight clinic appointment with our nurses.

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