Dogs can be vaccinated against canine distemper, canine parvovirus, part of the kennel cough complex, hepatitis and leptospirosis. An initial course of vaccination for puppies comprises two injections two to four weeks apart. The first of these must be when or after the pup is 7 weeks old and the last after 10 weeks old. In the adult dog yearly vaccination is necessary to maintain immunity.

Some kennels also require vaccination against Bordetella - another form of kennel cough.

This vaccine is given up the dog's nose, and is valid for twelve months and provide immunity within 72 hours.

Cats are vaccinated routinely against cat 'flu' and enteritis and leukaemia. Annual boosters follow an initial course of two injections due at 9 and 12 weeks of age (although they can be started at anytime).

Rabbits need to be vaccinated against two fatal diseases - Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease. They can be vaccinated from both diseases can be carried by insects, so house rabbits are still at risk. We strongly recommend that all pet rabbits be vaccinated annually.

There is currently much debate in the veterinary world, as in the human medical world, regarding the safety and necessity of regular vaccination. If you have any concerns on this subject, please contact the surgery.

Vaccination recommendations


7-8 weeks - 1st vaccine for Leptospirosis (two types), Parvovirus and Para influenza (Involved with kennel cough)

10 weeks - 2nd vaccine as the 1st with Distemper and Hepatitis

11 weeks - Puppy can go out for walks and socialise

Annually - Booster vaccine

The kennel cough vaccine should be given 72 hours before going into kennels. Vaccination against all types of kennel cough is not possible.


9 weeks - 1st vaccine for 'flu' (two types), enteritis and Leukamia

12 weeks - as 1st

13 weeks - Kitten can socialise

Annually - Booster vaccination

Chlamydia vaccines are also available.


8 weeks or later for myxomatosis

10 weeks or later for viral haemorrhagic disease

Annually - Booster vaccines that need to be give 2 weeks apart.