Pet Passports

As more people travel and work in Europe it is possible for your pet to accompany you on these trips relatively painlessly.

Pet Passports are available at the surgery.

As of January 1st 2012, this now involves a course of rabies vaccination (2 weeks apart) and then you may travel 21 days later.

At present the rabies vaccination has to be repeated every 3 years, and must be within the date issued on your passport.

Also be aware of further threats to your pet whilst abroad.

These include tick and mosquito diseases not currently present in the UK.

For travel outside of the European Union, we recommend contacting the embassy of the country to be visited and DEFRA for an Export License, you will not be able to travel without this.

Individual pet travel plans

Please arrange an individual parasite prevention travelling plan with the vets at the surgery.
Once into the warmer climates we need to prevent tick bites and sand fly bites as these can cause tick disease and leishmaniasis.
It is your responsibility to ensure that your rabies vaccinations are kept up to date, and to arrange for tapeworm treatment 24-48hrs before returning to the UK.