Nurses Clinics


  • Identichip implanting and scanning for permanent security identification of your pet
  • Obesity clinics to give help and support for overweight pets
  • Preventative dental advice
  • Nutritional advice both for healthy animals and those requiring prescription diets
  • Puppy/kitten/adolescent/geriatric clinics for help and advice about preventative care
  • Arthritis clinics to advise on exercise, diet and medication for arthritic pets
  • Nail Clipping and tablet administration


Weight watchers Clinic

Obesity is a common problem in both cats and dogs and can contribute to several health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, heart and respiratory conditions.

We all know how important it is not to allow our pets to gain weight but sometimes the waistline of your pet can increase over time and it's these slow changes that are less easy to spot.

Most overweight patients simply need a more suitable diet in order to lead a slimmer, healthier life. At the Practice we offer a weight clinic, run by one of our nurses, to provide advice on suitable diets, target weights, and a timescale for losing weight.

Regular weighing will encourage and support your and your pet's efforts to slim and trim. The clinics are free of charge, so why not book in for a weight check. There's nothing to lose but your pet's "spare tyre"!

Rabbit Clinics

An essential service for our small pets.

Expert advice on feeding, neutering, husbandry and general medicine.

Other Services

Our Veterinary Nurses are always on hand to give advice on routine dental care, feeding, worming treatments, flea treatments, pet insurance, etc.