Cat Clinics

Aneta Duszak-Kowal DVM Cert (FelP) Gp Cert (Opth) MRCVS

Geriatric cat clinics run which are allocated a 20minute appointment slot.
In this time, Aneta will perform a full clinical examination including eye examination and blood pressure check.
We would ask you to bring a urine sample with you if possible.
Katkor, a litter designed for urine collection, is available from the surgery. If you are not able to do this, please don't allow your cat out before the appointment and then we may collect urine at the surgery by using a needle to enter the bladder directly.
Older cats may develop problems with their heart, thyroid, kidneys and teeth primarily.
It may be advisable for further tests to be arranged, eg. blood test or ultrasound, if indicated as aresult of the cat clinic.