Our veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and support staff are all specially selected to work as a dedicated team to care for your pets. They attend regular training sessions to update their skills and ensure that your pet receives the best care at all times.Our staff  are also a great source of information so if you have any concerns about your pet they will be happy to offer advice.


Consultations by appointment with our vets or our nurses.

Our vets are all experienced in general practice and have, between them, over 46 years experience.

Certificate holder veterinary surgeons 

  • Opthalmology (eyes) 
  • Feline Medicine (poorly cats).


Aneta has special interest in feline medicine and opthalmology.

This allows us to keep most of our patients in-house, without the need of expensive and long trips to other practices.

Our nurses are very able and will see you for checks after surgery, for stitch removals, dressing changes, weight checks and clinics which they run.

Emma has a degree in veterinary nursing and has a special interest in anaesthesia and radiology.

Marie has NCert(anaesth) a further certificate in veterinary anaesthesia.