Advanced Surgery

For many years now, we have been offering reasonible rates for surgical procedures that many other surgeries would refer to more expensive  centres.

This offers you the advantages of having your pet home the same day, in most cases, and not exceeding your insurance policy limit.

How do we do this?

We are vets who have been performing surgery for many years in a busy clinic.

Aneta has an opthalmology and feline medicine qualification and is very experienced.

Our nurses, are experienced, and we have worked together,as a team, for many years, we 'gel'!

We do not have to operate out of large, multifunctional cenres the referral practices occupy.

Please contact us to discuss the best procedure for your pet, on 01276 21225 or

Claire performs advanced surgical procedures on anal glands, ears, and abdominal surgery.

Aneta is happy to advise on feline medicine, place feeding tubes where needed, scan abdomens...and performing "cherry eye" correction in Bull Dogs is a special favourite of hers....

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