Tick Season and Lungworm 9th May 17

We are definitely in tick season now! and if you visit our facebook page you can see a recent article on new disease threat from European ticks, Lyme disease and Babesiosis!

We also have had 2 cases of lungworm in dogs this week. This causes bleeding disorders and can be deadly, please use your monthly preventative Advocate!


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Lungworm 10th Mar 17

We have recently confirmed lungworm in 3 dogs, they have all survuived but please remember this is a deadly disease and is preventable.

For more information, visit our section on 'lungworm' on our website, or contact the surgery.

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Kennel Cough 10th Mar 17

We are experiencing an outbreak of kennel cough in the area.


Also know as 'infectious bronchitis' it is not just dogs visiting kennels who can catch this disease, and we advise any dog visiting dog sitters or walkers, parks, shows or classes has vaccination against this disease.

The vaccination is given up...

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Advanced Surgery 17th Jan 16

For many years now, we have been offering reasonible rates for surgical procedures that many other surgeries would refer to more expensive  centres.

This offers you the advantages of having your pet home the same day, in most cases, and not exceeding your insurance policy limit.

How do we do this?

We are vets who have...

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Fireworks 15th Oct 16

It is coming up to firework season, please cntact surgery if your pet is prone to stress and upset at this time.

There are drugs and modifying behaviours we can use to help cope with stressful situations.

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